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My name is Yvonn (that’s correct, no E), and I am a Certified Bookkeeper in the Bay Area. I am the woman running the show at Y. D. Bookkeeping and Budgets. On this journey, I have helped small businesses get their financial books in order, along with easing the stress that can come with business finances. My goal is to make quality bookkeeping affordable and accessible for small business owners throughout California. Thanks to QuickBooks Online, I can provide small businesses with professional-quality accounting services at a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone full-time.

In my spare time, I enjoy crocheting, relaxing at home with my husband while watching our favorite tv shows, meal prepping, hanging out with my friends, and taking long walks with my dog. I love traveling and finding new beaches to relax on so far. Jamaica and Honduras have my heart, open to any recommendations ;). What I love most about my career is that I can pack my laptop and keep your books up to date from anywhere. A fun fact about me is that I am also a Licensed Cosmetologist, so to salon owners, I know just what you need. No matter what industry you are in, you can focus your time and effort on running your business while leaving the bookkeeping to me.  

I gladly provide every client with a personal and professional experience. I am passionate, result-oriented, and eager to help your business to succeed!

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I strive to provide personal and professional service to all our clients.

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